About Haddad's

It all started on July 29th, 1954 in Pleasant Hills, Pennsylvania. With the help of his father in law, Dave Sr. and his wife, Virginia, opened Haddad’s Amoco Service Station. Dave expanded the small “mom & pop” business to include towing and eventually added a carwash. Dave’s son, David, was enlisted to help around the station at the age of twelve. David began his career at Haddad’s by painting red logs and pumping fuel for customers. When David was old enough to obtain his driver’s license, Dave Sr. taught David to drive on a manual transmission tow truck that didn’t even have power steering. Eventually, David attended and graduated from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Following graduation, David began to assist his father in running the family business.

In the spring of 1982, a Los Angeles Transportation Coordinator came to Haddad’s in order to rent a pickup truck in preparation for the film, “Flashdance.” He offered to install a hitch on the truck for free so that he could pull the production trailers around. Initially, David declined to rent the truck. After two days of negotiation between David and the Transportation Coordinator, Haddad’s agreed to rent the truck and allowed the hitch to be installed. Following the deal, an idea struck young David. He saw that this could be the company’s opportunity to enter into a whole new field: production rentals. What was once a simple service station and tow garage was going to evolve into something much bigger.

In the beginning of Haddad’s new endeavor, movie rentals occurred sporadically along the East Coast. In 1988, Haddad’s purchased three cast trailers and a hair & makeup trailer from a Los Angeles production equipment vendor. Using the new additions to the fleet, Haddad’s rented equipment to the movie production, “Dead Poets Society,” thus officially beginning Haddad’s involvement as an equipment vendor in the film industry.

To this day, Haddad’s is still headquartered in the building where it all began despite the fact that it has branched out and built fleet hubs in New York, Michigan, Georgia, and New Jersey. David’s company has now rented to over three thousand movie and television productions in the United States. Haddad’s rents worldwide and is regarded for their impressive service and outstanding equipment quality. The “Can-Do” attitude put forward by all Haddad’s employees has led to service and performance unsurpassed in the industry and unmatched by competitors. Haddad’s equipment has become a staple in the film production industry. David is passionate and immensely interested in each and every production his company is involved in no matter how small or large. The once small company continues to grow with no sign of slowing down, yet prides itself on continuing to offer the same high quality service it always has. As we say here at Haddad’s, "You’re only as good as your vendor!"